Mexican hammock

Mexican hammock

Our hammock business

During a holiday in Mexico, we fell in love with the Mexican hammock . In 2006 we started our Internet business. In the following years we added the  Mexican blanket  , Brazilian hammock and the hammock chair to our catalogue. Now we are one of the biggest sellers of Mexican hammocks and blankets in Europe.

At this moment we have webshops in 5 languages : Dutch, German, France, Italian and English. On these sites, you can not only find all our products but also a lot of info about the hammock and how to use it.

All Mexican and Brazilian hammocks and Mexican blankets are imported by ourselves. That’s one of the reasons we have competitive prices. Also, we  keep our costs low by running our business from home and doing our own development and maintenance on our internet sites.

Our products

Mexican hammock

The Mexican hammock is handmade by the Maya’s in Yucatan, Mexico. This woven hammock is very comfortable and extremely strong. They are available in 5 sizes S, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. Also, we have an XXXL version made of thicker cord. See our site for more detailed info and also a report of our trip to the Maya’s.

Brazilian hammock

The Brazilian hammock is the most well-known hammock. Made in Brazil. We have a lot of models and sizes available.

Mexican blanket

Our Mexican blankets are imported directly from Mexico. We have 3 types of blankets for sale: the serape, the falsa and the Indian blanket. The serape is well known: the blanket with the famous coloured stripes. The falsa blanket is originally a saddle blanket. The Indian blanket is a blanket with indian symbols.  The blankets are made from cotton or acryl or a mix of cotton, acryl and polyester.

Hammock chair

We have two types of hammock chairs: the Mexican and the Brazilian. They can be used outside and inside the house.

Quality and service

  • Our products will be send one day after the payment is received.
  • Problems will be solved without discussion.


You’re looking for a wholesale partner for hammocks and Mexican blankets? Because we have all products in stock in large quantities, we can deliver to shops within a few days throughout Europe. Our wholesale prices are very competitive. So if you are interested, please contact us.